How Do You Save Heirloom Pepper Seeds?

“I would love advice on saving seeds off of heirloom bell peppers.” Question from Amy of Lewiston, Idaho

Dear Any,

I have good news! Peppers are some of the easiest seeds to save because peppers are dry, rather than fleshy, fruits with open interiors. The seeds are easy to gather from the ripe fruits.

What is important is waiting until the fruits are ripe to harvest the seeds. Green peppers have immature seeds that will not germinate, so wait until the peppers have developed full color. Once the fruits are fully colored and ripe, the seeds will be ripe.

Collect the seeds, place them in a labeled packet, and store them in a cool dry place through winter. I generally start my peppers in late winter or spring, at least 8 weeks before the last frost date.

Please watch the video below for tips about how to grow peppers organically!

Happy gardening,

Jessie Keith

Grower’s Gold Horticulturist